Betting tips on the Detroit Tigers in this season’s MLB

When it comes to baseball betting, the single biggest tip that can be offered to those who are comparatively unfamiliar with it is: learn more. Like any other form of sports betting, you will get better at wagering on baseball if you know about the teams, players and current form. For those who do know something about it already though, they will likely be aware the Detroit Tigers are currently one of the strongest forces in the game – with the potential to challenge the great Tigers teams of the past like the 1984 one – and in a way this makes them both a good and a bad bet.

The Tigers are considered to be amongst the strong favourites for both the American League and the World Series, with the odds of 4/1 on them for the former being particularly low. When it comes to whether you should bet on the Tigers for the American League pennant, it is hard to argue against this given their previous two triumphs in this league, even if you will not win a huge payout thanks to the low odds. On the other hand, it has been thirty years since the Tigers brought the World Series title back to Detroit, making that a more interesting (and riskier) bet at 10/1. The Tigers have one of the strongest offenses in the division, which should theoretically ensure a strong win percentage, but of course they were predicted to have no difficulties with run-scoring last season, and it didn’t quite turn out that way.

Betting on the Tigers for the American League is certainly a strong bet, with the World Series a bit more risky, but many fans may feel the potential rewards of the latter are greater. Of course an alternative way to reap rewards from baseball and betting is to play a slot game like Hot Shot at a site such as This game brilliantly recreates the feel of playing baseball, from standing on the green to hearing the roar of the crowds. Throw in reel icons shaped like hats, pitchers and mitts, plus the chance to win up to $2000 maximum cash jackpot, and you have a great alternative way to mix baseball and betting.