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Sounds like the old Sparky truism was all over the radio about looking at where a team is at after the first forty games.  We’re at the quarter point of the season, and the Tigers have the best record in the majors.  At least they’ll be tied if the White Sox beat the Devil Rays tonight.

I heard this on the radio and didn’t confirm it, but the Tigers have only started at least 27-13 in five previous seasons.  The last time it happened was 1984, and we all know what happened that year. 

I commented on this on my Tiger column at the Hardball Times, but I just keep waiting. Most of it is conditioning because as Tiger fans, we’ve been disappointed for so long.  Just to put things in perspective though, I went to a game with my dad on June 20, 1993.  The Tigers beat the Brewers and it was the team’s eleventh win in the previous fourteen games and the Tigers were 43-25.  The Tigers stood two games ahead of the Blue Jays and things were looking good.  Ten games later, all of which were losses, the Tigers found themselves down by 4 1/2 games and the team was in third place.  The Tigers later flirted with first place but ended the season in fourth place at 85-77.

So things can happen fast.  I’m hoping Jim Leyland will be able to keep the players in line, but in so many ways, especially with regard to the rotation, the Tigers are blowing away expectations.

What a game yesterday.  I was going to go, then a friend cancelled so I gave up the tickets.  My favorite kind of game is a pitcher’s duel and I missed a great one.  What’s even funnier was, i was watching the game and was annoyed that Leyland didn’t hit Pudge for Vance Wilson, who then hit the game winning two run shot.  Once again, that’s probably why Leyland’s in the dugout and I’m not.  It still boggles the mind though.

The Tigers have won seven straight.  I heard this on the radio as well and didn’t confirm it, but the last time they had that long of a winning streak was 1993.

Interleague play starts and outside of a series next week against the Royals, the Tigers face some high powered hitting teams so that pitching staff will be put to the test.  The Reds have dropped off after a five game losing streak, but with guys like Adam Dunn and Austin Kearns, this lineup can do some damage.  Best case scenario is, we’re talking about a ten game winning streak on Sunday.

I’m a born-and-raised Detroiter who’s lived in Chicago for most of his time from 1987 onward. I’m thrilled to see the Tigers doing so well.

Unfortunately for Tram, this probably really hurts his stock in trade for another position. I don’t know the mindset in Detroit these days though. I was one who said Tram got a rough deal; the players were immature who needed a kick in the pants disciplinarian like Leyland rather than a guy like Trammell who treated them like adults.

But… seeing this season, there has to be more to it than that.

The last time the Tigers were flying this high was 1993. Here’s hoping it keeps going.

Posted by Dave on May 18th, 2006 at 7:16 pm

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