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An interesting look at Bob Cluck, who’s done a pretty good job with a young pitching staff. Some of the numbers may surprise you.

Bonderman gave up only three hits in 8 solid innings. I know the Tigers were hoping this kid would be a Comerica Park draw, and if he can do this a couple more times, he might be just that.

I haven’t gone back and checked the record books yet, but I think the worst start ever would be the 1988 Orioles. They started out 0-21 (at least that can’t happen), won one game, then lost two more to start 1-23. They ended up 54-107 that season, one game worse then last year Tigers.

And I did some checking, and the Tigers finished 6-30 last year (from August 21 on). Combine that with the 1-15 start this year, and you get 7 wins and 45 losses (over roughly a third of a season’s worth of games). Sigh.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if, with the current managers, the Tigers started 5-35, the exact opposite of the 1984 Tiger’s record start.

Thanks to Retrosheet for the numbers. If you’ve never checked them out, they’re a baseball historian’s dream. Box scores, game logs, and statistics going back for just about the existance of baseball.

Tigers remain at the bottom. Although they’re a day behind. With Pena’s homerun last night, the Tigers now have more home runs then Brent Mayne.

This is a great article from a great site that discusses who really was the best pitcher in 2002.

Hopefully his enthusiasm is contagious.

I thought the stat at the end of the article was pretty telling. The Tigers have more quality starts then the A’s.

Tigers won their first game of the season this afternoon. The bad news is the Tigers got into several jams. On a good note, Cornejo, German, and Anderson all pitched out of them. Good win.

Paid attendance was 12,577, but it looked like there were lot fewer people there. They do put on a nice fireworks show after Friday games, so it’s usually a good night to take the family.

And despite the 0-9 start, I’m going to stick with what I said by agreeing with what the Tigers are doing. Let’s get rid of the guys who, no matter how much they might help us win a game or two now, aren’t the future of the team, and give the kids a chance to see exactly what they have.

It’s all about talent evaluation. Instead of taking the month or so after September call ups to take a look at what they have, they’re using the whole season. Once they determine who they can rely on, and what they need, then they can begin to work on building this team.

Hopefully Tram doesn’t read the local newspaper.

The Tiger’s bats finally come alive, going over the two run mark.

It will be interesting to see how Bonderman bounces back in his next start.

Sporting News’ take on how the Tigers are doing so far.

I think this drops Buerhle’s career ERA against Detroit below 2.00. As long as he pitches in the AL Central and there’s an unbalanced schedule, he’s a Cy Young candidate.

The most interesting thing about this is probably Tram talking about Disco Demolition night at the end. Funny stuff.

I know this isn’t Tigers related, but I couldn’t resist.

In a game that probably should not have been played (2 hour rain delay), the Tigers drop their fourth to open the season.

Good Points:

Munson hit his second homerun and so far has been the only offensive threat the Tigers have.

Sparks came in after Cornejo got shelled and put up 6 2/3 quality innnings, keeping the Tigers in the game.

The Tigers still haven’t made an error all season.

Low Points:

Cornejo only lasted 1 1/3.

Only three hits. And Omar Infante leads the team with a .200 batting average.

But Cluck admitted he hasn’t seen a situation like this year’s Detroit Tigers.

I’ve heard interviews with Cluck and I’ve been impressed with him. Hopefully he’ll be able to do something with these guys (i.e. teaching Bonderman how to throw his slider more effectively and a third pitch would be a great start).

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