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Reliving the 1984 Tigers…..Again, Pat Caputo and Hawkers

Alright, I started this project thinking people might need a lift by now, but who would have thought three months ago that the Tigers would be the best team in baseball.  Anyway, I took the 1984 aspects of my site (the diaries, news on Tram and the debate I had where I took the 1984 Tigers head to head against the 1975 Reds) and categorized them and copied everything over to what I’m currently calling the 1984 Tigers Tribute Site.  It’s not going to be too active, but if you ever wanted to check out all of the times I mention Willie Hernandez in the diary or Dave Bergman’s 13 pitch at bat that ends in a walk off homerun, then it’s way easier to find then it would be here.  I’ll also be updating the site periodically as I pick up news on the players and coaches of the team (Tram’s next managerial job?) and I’ll probably highlight my posts here because they won’t be very frequent.

I’ve always enjoyed Pat Caputo’s commentary on the radio.  He really knows his stuff when it comes to baseball and he was the Tigers beat writer for the Oakland Press.  He’s probably forgotten more about baseball then I know (then again, he really hasn’t forgotten much, hence the nickname The Book).  Mr. Caputo’s started a blog called Open Book and his latest post is about the National League’s troubles in the All Star game.

Comerica Park is host to the First Ever Hebrew National Higher Authority Hawker Award.  Basically it’s a contest for the most unique hot dog vendor.  The contest will conclude on July 21 in a finalist show down during the pregame of the Tigers game with the Oakland A’s.  You can the download the press release if you’re interested in the checking out the specifics.  My money’s on Charlie, who’s a great sales man and a treat at the ball park.

Kirk Gibson’s Clutch Homeruns

Dem Bums, a solid Dodgers blog that started recently and who I’m helping with a Don Drysdale diary set to launch in April, has a solid column on the Kirk Gibson’s clutch homeruns.  Good stuff.

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