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Al Cy Young

By all indications, Mark Mulder will probably be awarded the Al Cy Young this season. Mulder has pitched very well and deserves consideration especially since has a league leading 15 victories. Michigan State University baseball fans would be very excited in the event that this would occur due to Mulder having attended Moo U. I think another lefty may even be more deserving of the honor of CY Young in the AL due to his recent performance. He is a Venezuelan who said that he intended to be an engineer had he not made it as baseball player and the Tigers division rival, Johan Santana.

Player CG SH W-L ERA WHIP opp. OPS Team OPS AVG R/gm

Santana 1 1 11-6 3.34 0.99 .622 .747 4.71

Mulder 5 1 15-3 3.49 1.22 .681 .779 5.05

Schilling 3 0 13-5 3.38 1.13 .677 .824 5.61

Martinez 0 0 12-4 3.94 1.17 .698 .824 5.61

Johnson 1 1 8-9 4.40 1.28 .717 .789 5.20

These stats are as of 8/6. I included Jason Johnson’s stats as a point of comparison. Team .OPS and AVG Runs/Gm are measures of what kind of hitting and run support the pitcher is receiving. The significant difference in run support and hitting along with Santana’s absolutely stellar performance and his league leading 183 strikeouts, I think it would be a travesty if he didn’t receive the award. Furthermore, the Twins better lock him up long term and pay him so that he doesn’t become a free agent. Otherwise, Boss Steinbrenner will back the Brinks truck right to Santana’s door and he will be fitted for pinstripes.

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