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Baseball Happenings

A lot has been going on in the baseball world. Between two funerals and getting beat up at work, I haven’t had the time I’d like to report on it all, but let’s touch on a few things.

Whenever one of the best players ever decides to come back and play for one more year, this is definitely a good thing. Roger Clemens signed a deal with Houston that should make the NL Central very interesting. You could well have two of the best rotations in all of baseball going at each other for a division title. I think “Best” rotation has to go to Boston right now, but coming in second to that stacked lineup isn’t an insult.

I have to admit Vlad Guerrero’s signing with Anaheim came out of right field (pun intended). I don’t know if anyone really saw this coming, but the Angels have had a nice winter. Signing proven vet Bartolo Colon and upstart Kelvim Escobar really bolster what will also be a nice rotation. The infield probably needs some work, but having Garrett Anderson protecting Vlad makes any lineup capable of scoring runs.

And finally, rumors are flying about Pudge coming to Detroit. I’d like this move because it would give us the star power that the team has lacked for a while. Yeah, they had Juan Gonzalez for a year, but getting a proven commodity, despite being up there in years, in never a bad thing. And everyone talks about how having a good team up the middle is very important, and this would probably be the last piece for this year. Carlos Guillen/Fernando Vina sounds a whole lot better then Santiago/Morris. Now all they have to do is get Carlos Beltran next year, and I’ll be a happy guy.

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