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Things have just been crazy around the household lately. I apologize for the lack of writing, but my computers been moved, we’re trying to finish up with some major renovations in the house (including a two foot hole that was put in our wall by the guys installing out carpet). For those of you looking for carpet, I’m not naming names, but the company I went through, let’s say they rhyme with Tempire, was major pain, even after the guys put a hole in my wall.

But, the free agent market has been heating up. It seems to be Red Sox vs. Yankees before the season even starts, but this is going to make for some great baseball next year. With the Red Sox getting Schilling, and assuming he bounces back from his injury, they’ll have one of the top staffs in baseball. Schilling/Pedro/Lowe brings back memories of the Braves’ staffs in the 1990s.

And I’m not quite sure what’s happening in Arizona. They’ve made two big deals, and neither one of them seem like they’re going to help them very much. They gave up way too much for Sexson inmy opinion.

And for now the Tigers are the sidelines. I’ve read about them offering a deal to Fernando Vina. I think this would be a bad move. Vina has only played in more then 150 games in his 11 year career 3 times. Granted in all of those three years he hit over .300. He doesn’t strike out much, but he also doesn’t walk much. He had been winning gold gloves, but those were in 2 of those 3 seasons where he played most the year. And only twice has he had an OPS+ of greater then a hundred, and one of those was 101. The thing that he seems best at is getting hit by pitches.

So this would be simply a stop gap. Not a bad move, but if the Tigers are good three to five years down the line, Vina probably won’t be there.

And that’s the dilemma. Tram and Dombrowski could be playing for their jobs. You just don’t know. Vina would be an upgrade at second base. Do we pay him, pray he doesn’t get hurt, and maybe lose 103 games instead of 105? Or should we be looking at throwing all of our money into one basket and taking a gamble.

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