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Double Bagels, Barry Bonds and Memorial Day

Just like that, the Tigers drop two games and the White Sox are there to pick them up.  The Tigers have been outscored 13-0 the last two days, and they’re by two teams the Tigers will have to contend with in September if they’re going to be in the playoff picture.  A lot is being made about next week’s series with the White Sox, but I think these next two series against the Red Sox and Yankees, along with last weekends series against the Indians, are/were just as important.

Here’s why.  While there’s no doubt we have a pretty good chance at winning the division (67.4% going into today’s game), there’s also the Wild Card, which may be much easier to snatch up.  While the White Sox will probably hang with us the whole season, it’ll be the Indians, Red Sox, Yankees and Blue Jays that will make up the Wild Card picture.  Even with the loss today, the Tigers have a five game lead over the Yankees.  If they take the back end games of this series against the Yankees or even split, it could be as many eight games.  That’s a nice cushion this early in the season.

So not to give up the AL Central to the White Sox, but it’s just as important looking at the bigger picture.

Barry Bonds passed Babe Ruth this weekend.  I think the best job that anyone’s done with this is John Perricone’s post on when Barry Bonds tied the Babe, but I think it’s just as fitting with one more homerun.  Congratulations to Barry Bonds for setting yet another milestone.

While I recognize that Memorial Day is a very important holiday, at this stage in my life I equate it to yard work, which I don’t particularly enjoy.  Needless to say, I wanted to throw out a heartfelt thank you to all of the men and women who have given their lives over the years protecting this country.  I also wanted to get my review of Stranded at the Corner finished, but as usual, I’m behind.

the thing that bothers me about the tigers right now is that they arent scoring runs when opportunities to bust a game wide open present themselves. last night against the yankees , In both the first and the eighth, they loaded the bases with none out and only got one run and that was on a fielder’s choice. I’m seeing a lack of plan at the plate in key situations. it feels like everyone wants to be heroic in these situations when a deep fly ball will do just fine. oh by the way, I’m tired of Monroe. this experiment has gone on for long enough. if the tigers want to keep pace with the white sox, Monroe needs to go and Dombrowski has to get us a big bopper outfielder to counter Thome’s bat in chicago. We are at a crucial state of the season and we have waited far to long to piss away this opportunity to make the playoffs.

Posted by Michael on May 31st, 2006 at 5:22 am

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