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This is being written more out of frustration then anything, but the Giants just finished their second straight late inning comeback win in as many days. Here’s a great team with in my opinion the best player ever to play the game of baseball, winning games in dramatic fashion, and in the process, ensuring their chances of making the post season.

I hear a lot on the radio, and people say baseball is dead and that football is now THE sport. Well, tell the people in San Francisco this, because this is just great baseball. Simply put, these kind of things are the way baseball is supposed to be.

I’ve been as optimistic as I possibly can about the Tigers, but at this point in the season, it’s hard. The Tigers haven’t been in a serious playoff race in over ten years, unless you count 2000 where they were at least in the wild card hunt with several teams in late August. I vividly remember the final week of the 1987 regular season and the excitement it brought to the town and I miss it. And although I remember the 1984 World Series win, I don’t think I was old enough to appreciate it. I’ve only read about the 1968 World Championship team.

So with the end of every year, and following the various division title races, I’m envious. I should consider myself lucky because over the last 15 year, the city (or state with regard to college sports) has had two NBA championships, three Stanley Cups, two NCAA basketball national championship, and one NCAA football co-national championship.

But I still feel cheated, because baseball is my sport, and the Tigers are my team.

I have mixed feelings about the Tigers breaking the 1962 Mets loss record. On the one hand, you never want your home team to be branded the worst ever. But on the other, if the Tigers go down in history as the worst team ever, you’d hope Mike Illitch would have enough pride to finally do something to rectify things.

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