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Happy New Year

Yeah, I know it’s the fourth, but if they can play a bowl game in the second week of the year, I can be a little late with my New Year’s column.  We were in Toronto for the our second straight New Year and while it was nice visiting friends, my wife and I have both been sick at various points in time in the past couple of weeks so getting home was somewhat of a relief.

From a personal perspective, you can sum up 2007 with one word, challenging.  Both personally and professionally, it seemed like I was faced with quite a bit of adversity and while it’s early to say whether I’m through it all, I think I’m better off now at the end of the year then I was at the beginning of the year.  As usual, it was getting there that was the challenging part.

What’s in store for Tigerblog? Pretty much the same stuff, which I think is unfortunate.  It looks like I’m going to be working (my old profession as a CPA continually comes back to haunt me) through July so time will be short but this site, although you wouldn’t know it sometime, is one of my top priorities.  I’ll also have the 1968 Tigers Diary going and at season’s end, that’ll leave me just the 1945 season to document.

I’m also going to do a relaunch of my Baseball Historians network here soon.  As always, you get what you pay for and when you don’t pay anything, you can’t expect very much so by midseason, a lot of the activity on the blogs had tapered off.  I’m hoping to find some new, enthusiastic writers, throw some incentives their way and hopefully I can make this a success.

In my abscence, not a whole lot has gone on.  Both major papers are reporting that Brandon Inge’s days are probably numbered, the Tigers are just not going to get much for him.  Jason Beck did a mailbag column  and then Curtis Granderson is going to play basketball with the proceeds going to his foundation.

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