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Heading Into the Break and the Homerun Derby Myth

I still really enjoy the All Star Game.  The actual game, that is.  Maybe it’s the fact that, back when I grew up, the game seemed to have more meaning (to the players) and it was a way to see players you normally wouldn’t get to see.  Last night I watched two different National League games on television and interleague play has also watered things down.  I think the whole “World Series Home Field Advantage Thing” is a joke as well, but I’ll watch at least most of the game.

If the Tigers win today, they’ll have 60 wins heading into the All Star break.  The last time that’s happened was, well, never.  In 1984 they had 57 wins and that’s the most I could find (I didn’t look at every season’s log, but I checked the years where I’d expect them to be close).

This is more of a question then commentary.  I’ve been hearing a lot about how the Home Run Derby ruins a hitter’s swing.  Everyone points to Bobby Abreau, who seems to be in somewhat of a power slump since he won it last year.  Maybe I’m just being naive, but when I played softball, I had enough sense to “fix” my swing if I wasn’t hitting well.  I just don’t see how the derby can mess up a professional hitter’s swing to the point where it can’t be fixed relatively quickly.  If someone knows the answer to this, I’d love to hear it.  Then again, Bobby Abreau is having a fine season, he’s just not hitting homeruns and that’s what most people look at.

I also enjoy the Futures game, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to catch that due to a family obligation.  Cameron Maybin and Humberto Sanchez are the two Tigers highlighted   I’ve done a better job of keeping track of prospects (mostly due to Minor League Ball), so when I saw the rosters, I recognized quite a few names.  Maybe next year.

More interesting to me than wins at the break would be winning % at the break. 59 (currently) is the most wins at the break. But the break isn’t always after the same number of games. In 84 they won 57, but the break was after 84 games and that team was .6785, almost the same as this one.

Posted by Kurt on July 9th, 2006 at 9:30 am

The idea that the home run derby can ruin a batter’s swing is nonsense. The elements of a players swing are not that delicate.

Posted by Dan on July 10th, 2006 at 6:45 am

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