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Integration Symposium Raffle

I’ve gotten a few emails about this weekend’s SABR festivities.  The good news is, we now have a website so you can check out the details at SABR Detroit.  There’s links on how to sign up but some of you were nice enough to ask how you can help.  I can think of three ways, two of which are old and one of which I’m introducing here.

1)  The easiest way to help is to sign up and take part in the activities.  Whether it’s the bus tour, the brunch or the symposium (or all three), we’d love to have as solid of a turn out as possible.  Who knows, if you attend the brunch, you could personally ask Willie Horton how it felt to make Lou Brock his bitch on that play at the plate in game five of the 1968 World Series because you could be seated at his table while you eat your eggs (I hope Lou Brock doesn’t read Tigerblog).

2)  We’re still looking for sponsors.  If you have a business or website you’d like to promote, send me an email (you can do so on the sidebar part way down the page) and we can talk.

3) The newest way to help out is to take part in the raffle I dreamed up this afternoon.  Here’s how it works.  You donate $10 towards the symposium and you get one entry in the drawing.  If you donate $50, you get two extra entries (so that’s seven total).  The prizes will help you fill out your baseball book library as follows

Three Second Prizes – One copy of each of the following:

Tigers Corner 2008
Tigers Corner 2007
Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2006
Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2007
Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2008

For the grand prize, you get all of the five books listed above plus a copy of the ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia 5th Edition.  I figure the Amazon.com value of the second prize is worth around $60 while the grand prize probably would cost you around $80.  All are fine products.  Only one prize per participant.

The preferred method of payment is paypal.  There’s a link right below this paragraph so click on it, enter how much you want to contribute and I’ll attach the number of entries to your email address when I randomly pick the winners.

If you’re not into paypal, just send me an email and we can discuss.  I have some reservations about using other payment methods but I don’t want to exclude anyone.

I’ll take entries though Monday at 9 pm.  I know that’s past the event, but it’ll give those people who just stop by on Monday a chance to take part in the contest.  All proceeds will go towards the cost of the symposium and you also get my heartfelt thanks.

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