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Internet Poker and Stocks

As an amateur stock investor, one of the things you always look for in a company is reliability and consistency in their earnings. You’d rather have a company with slowly growing earnings then one that makes money one year, and loses money the next.

This is somewhat in contrast to what happens to you if you gamble online. I have a friend who’s played, and he’s said some of the good hands he’ll see in a short amount of time are mind boggling. It’s like somehow the dealer is able to get everyone a better hand then they’d normally be able to get.

Now, what does all of this have to do with the Tigers? Compared to the stock example, the Tigers have hardly been consistent. Take last night’s extra inning 5-4 loss. Our bullpen, up until now, and with the exception of Jamie Walker and Urbina, has been horrible. Our starting pitching has been mediocre to bad. Yet last night, our bullpen pitched nine shutout innings (giving up only four hits). Nine innings!!?? And our league leading offense scored a measly four runs in almost the equivalent of two games.

The video poker comparison is kind of stretch, but this is how I compare last year to this year. Last year was a bad season. You couldn’t find the cards when you wanted too. Now, the cards are plenty, but because of bad pitching, you’re opponents are getting just as good, if not better cards. Makes for a tough gambling night.

But hopefully, the Tigers can bounce back this evening. I really like this pitching matchup, as it has two young potential stars going to head to head.

And one last comment on internet poker, if anyone knows a good Texas Hold’em site, where I can play and check things out before putting any real money down, I’d appreciate the reference. I’ve always done well in our little tournaments, and this would be the next step.

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