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Joel Zumaya and Bloggers Are Attacked

I’m living in a hole these days and while I heard about the Joel Zumaya injury, I didn’t really follow up on it until Friday.  Of course I’m now just getting right around to writing about it.  He had a box fall on his shoulder (official story) and he went under the knife.  He’ll miss at least half of next year although in some ways, the timing isn’t a bad thing.  If it had happened in spring training, he’d be done for the season and now it lets us go out and rent an arm to fill the hole we know we have.  It’s a drag because Zumaya’s career seems to be going the way of Matt Anderson, just in a more bizare way.

Billfer tipped me off to this but Chris McCosky must not have been able to come up with anything original to write today so he decided to bash bloggers.  Bill handled the attack nicely so I recommend you read his column but it’s too bad because I actually like Chris McCosky and thinks he does a good job.  To write something like this is a little juvenile.  Yeah, you went to school to do what you do but a lot of bloggers don’t take themselves too seriously (i.e., they don’t come across as pompous asses), so to trash a group of people who are doing something for the love it and not to collect a paycheck is a little low.  I’ll keep reading Chris but I view him in a whole new light.

And here’s a nice column on George Kell’s contribution as a broadcaster.  I grew up listening to Kell and Al Kaline and while I know they take their share of criticism, I always thought they did a fine job.  Kell is on the fan ballot for the Ford C. Frick Award as is one of my personal favorites, Paul Carey.

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