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Memorial Day Blues

Yeah, it’s been a few days.  I took the weekend off for a few reasons that range from a couple of deaths in the family to the Tigers just plain playing crappy against the Indians.  I went to one funeral home yesterday for the passing of a gentleman that I pretty much knew my entire life and there’s a funeral tomorrow for an uncle on my wife’s side.  Combine that with the sweep at the hand of the Indians and I didn’t have a lot of desire to post. 

Tigers are up 2-0 but the Rays have runners on second and third with one out.  I was at Tropicana Field last year and it was more of a transplant crowd.  There was maybe only 10,000 fans there for a Ray/Blue Jays game and most of the people I talked to were people in town for something else that had a free night and wanted to see some ball.  Then again, this is the team that played a series at a minor league park knowing it would really hurt their attendance too much.

Make that 2-1.

Jim Leyland defended his bullpen but basically got on his starters.  He basically blamed the poor pen work on the fact that the starters weren’t working deep enough and putting the relievers in a situtations that they shouldn’t be in.

Make that 2-2.

I have a confession to make.  Living in Detroit, I’ve been to probably somewhere between 150-200 Tiger games throughout my life.  Not a ton, but more then most.  The confession is, with the Tigers being so close, I’ve never set foot in a minor league stadium to see a minor league game.  I’m going to my first Friday night when the White Caps take on the Lugnuts in Lansing.  MSU is my old stomping ground and it’s always a bit nostalgic going over to Lansing, even though there are quite a few changes since I left there (almost 13 years ago).  I’ll probably do a special report of some kind either that night or the following morning over at Tigers Minors.

With the trivia challenge winding down, I’d rate it a moderate success.  I had a couple of complaints, some of which were valid but some of which were also people just not reading the rules.  I plan on doing something a bit bigger during the offseason, so if there’s something you liked or disliked, let me know.  I know the floating time of the question bothered people but this was done for a couple of different reasons ranging from a traffic grab to getting more people into it.  So let me know what you liked and what you didn’t because something bigger is coming.

Durbin got through the fourth and now the Tigers are batting in the fifth.  2-2 score.  Oops, Gary Sheffield just went yard.  3-2.


Bleh, the Rays scored two in the bottom of the ninth off of Todd Jones to win it.  The Indians are losing to Boston so hopefully we’ll stay just 2 1/2 back at the end of the night.

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