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Miguel Cabrera’s Turn

First we had Curtis Granderson and Edwin Jackson.  Now the trade talks surround Miguel Cabrera in what would be the biggest salary dump of them all.  Lynn Henning wrote this morning about how things have now turned to Cabrera and it looks like the Boston Red Sox are the team being mentioned.  While I like the idea of getting Clay Buckholz in a Tigers uniform, I still think Cabrera is a keeper and a guy the Tigers can build around.  Of course there’s that whole $120 million committment that’s left to deal with.

If the Tigers farm system were that good, I might be more into this but it’s spotty at best from all of the trades.  Of course I guess it depends who the Tigers get for all of these guys.  If they look for players that’ll be ready around 2012, then going the savings route might make sense it’ll just be a long couple of years.  I just hope that people have delayed making their season ticket deposits because at least for 2010, things could go south in hurry.

What a bunch of silliness. Of course I could be wrong…

This team is right on the edge of making the playoffs. In fact the exact same team could make the playoffs next year. Mike Illitch gives every sign of being an owner that wants to win. Why oh why would he have Dave Dombrowski gut it??

Money you say? What happens if he trades Granderson, Cabrera, or Verlander? The value these three contribute to the team’s winning is more than they will be paid in 2010. And you think the attendance dipped last year? It’d be nothing compared to what the fans will do if these three are traded.

The only players that are money problems for 2010 are Willis, Robertson (probably), and Bonderman (maybe). And there is probably nothing that can be done about these three. So let it go and move on.

The only way DD is going to trade any of Granderson, Cabrera, or Verlander is if he gets something better in return. What is the real chance of that? We have a better chance of having Polonco back (which we should; Sizemore being ready and just as good? give me a break).

And would everybody stop it with pointing out that the attendance is down from 3.1 million in 2008 to 2.6 million in 2009 and we couldn’t sell out the park during a pennant race which proves whatever doom and gloom anybody wants to say about the Tigers and/or Detroit?? Seriously.

2.6 million represents the 4th largest attendance in the AL. 3.1 million essentially represented a season sellout based on the hysteria that the Tigers were going to win the 2008 World Series and we’d better get our tickets before they are all gone. Compare 2009 attendance to 2007. The Tigers ability to sell 2.6 million tickets given the economic times in 2009 is IMPRESSIVE and should be ADMIRED and STUDIED.

If the Tigers find a way to put a pennant winning team on the field in 2010, another 2.6 million of us will find our way to those same seats.

Posted by Frank on November 24th, 2009 at 6:23 pm

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