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Nate Robertson and Dmitri Young

The Tigers held on to beat the Red Sox last night.  An early five run cushion turned out to be all the Tigers needed, although the Red Sox definitely made things interesting.

Nate Robertson may be only 11-8, but he’s put together a pretty nice stretch.  In his last last eleven starts, he’s gone at least six innings.  And then in his last three, he’s given up three runs or less.  He doesn’t light it up and throw many shutouts, but he’s a very solid back of the rotation starter.  He did have a rough July, but it looks like he’s bounced back from that.  Plus he’s the guy who started the whole Big League Chew rallyroutine that the Tigers have been doing late in the game.

Dmitri Young had another big game.  He went three for five with two runs and an RBI.  He still has an OPS well over 1.000 as his sample size gets larger and larger.  He hasn’t homered in a while, but he’s getting job done with the bat in other ways.

Another solid matchup today.  Jeremy Bonderman goes up against Curt Schilling.

Young had a pretty good game, except for two at bats. He was awful against Rudy Seanez, swinging at a terrible 3-1 pitch and then striking out on an almost-as-awful pitch.

Later in the game, with the lefty pitching, Young should not have been up there. Why was he? Is it one of those unwritten baseball rules – he’s having a good game, so we’re not allowed to pinch hit for him?

At that point the game was 5-3, I believe, and you had Marcus Thames rotting on the bench. No reason not to go to Thames there. I understand there are personnel issues, but surely everyone on the club should understand by now that the team has to doo all it can to go all the way.

Posted by Dan on August 15th, 2006 at 5:28 am

It is horrific what they are doing to Thames. He hit over 100 useless homers in the Minors ( i say useless because they were wasted in he minors) While monroe has sucked for 4 years. If you pay attention to patterns you would see 2 completely different patterns in Monroe and Thames. Thames has consistantly hit the cover off the ball at all levels he has played at. He has a knack for making his outs with the strikeout. So what! Monroe on the other hand had sucked for 80% of every season he has played. He has had 1 hot streak per year that last about 3 weeks. he has never strayed from this pattern. When Thames is given constant at bats, like he did when Young was at betty Ford and in court battling charges of choking a 21 year old woman, Thames was a madman at the plate. When young returned, thames began playing part time, thus striking out more. But I guess he doesnt deserve to play any more right dan? Monroe steals a belt in the off season…. No problem! we will play you every single day…go ahead and swing at every pitch you see… Young goes an a drug/booze/choking bender…hey there is always a home for you here!!! Why does thames rot on the bench? This guy would have well over 30 homers if he played every day. When he was in form he was hitting one ever 10 at bats….

Posted by Michael on August 15th, 2006 at 6:57 am

I went to the game last night at Fenway and it was intense. There were very few Tigers fans in the stadium — probably because Fenway tickets are so tough. How about Robertson striking out Ortiz looking twice. That definitely silenced the crowd. Two more games to go for a Tiger’s fan in Boston.

Posted by rogco on August 15th, 2006 at 7:07 am

Hi Dan, I can agree with you somewhat about the pinch hitting complaint, but what about Wilson being left to bat in a huge situation? I think that screamed for a pinch hitter moer than Dy did, yet Wilson comes up huge. I think leaving guys in to hit in big situations now will let leyland know who can handle that type of situation when it is more important (i.e. playoffs).

Looking forward to a great pitching matchup tonight!

Posted by Ryan on August 15th, 2006 at 8:38 am

I think Pudge had the say off with a sore back…

Posted by Michael on August 15th, 2006 at 4:20 pm

Nice job by monroe tonight eh? hit in to DP…Picked off first… then made a major blunder in the 9th getting thrown behind at first. At least he hit the ball in the air to get the run in. Jones did a great job to close it out. Im starting to belive that this is Jones’ magic year. Losing Polonco is going to hurt.

Posted by Michael on August 15th, 2006 at 7:16 pm

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