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Nine Games In

Well, the Tigers are nine games into the season and even with the small sample size, this fraction of the season has been telling.  The good news is, the Tigers are 6-3.  Just as good, they’re in first place.  Not so good is that some of their weaknesses have shown in this last stretch where they’ve lost three of their last five.

First is, the Tigers don’t have a lot of depth.  Anywhere.  Once you get past Delmon Young, the lineup thins out pretty quick and that’s when the regulars are in there.  Doug Fister is out and while Adam Wilk had a good showing yesterday, I don’t think he’s a long term option.  And the pen looks to be pretty thin as well.  Some positives were Rick Porcello’s start today and Drew Smyly toughing out four innings on Thursday.  Verlander will be there and so will Scherzer eventually.  On a good note, the Tigers pitchers (going into today’s game) were second in the American League with 75 strikeouts and that’s over 72 innings.   They’re also scoring a bunch of runs so hopefully these things will take care of themselves.

Next up is three against the Royals before the Tigers before four at home against the Rangers so things aren’t going to get any easier.  The series win over the Rays was big (I think they’re one of the better teams in the AL) but they faltered against the White Sox who I think they should have rolled over.

Finally, you can help out Jonnie Rae Cude who’s competing to become the next WRIF Rock Girl.  Be sure to head over to her site where you can find all of the ways to vote for her.

Perhaps I’m over confident, but I’m not worried about any aspect of the Tigers right now. Given the division they are in, they should have plenty of pitching and hitting for this stage of the season. I wouldn’t worry about adding anything until the trade deadline. By then the Tigers should be well on the way to a division championship, and they can see about adding a piece or two specifically for the purpose of helping them in the playoffs. DD will see what the Tigers could use, what is available, and what the cost will be. Perhaps a stud starting pitcher will come available, or some depth for the bullpen. Unless they suffer injuries, they should have plenty of hitting and shouldn’t need to worry about that aspect of the game.

Posted by Randy LeVasseur on April 16th, 2012 at 10:40 pm

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