Two Trips, Two Coasts

Keep in mind, for the foreseeable future, these plans are more of future goal then something I plan on doing this summer.  My son is still four, and while he travels well, my one trip to the ballpark where it was just he and I didn’t go all too well.  It was a hot, August day game and I figured we had two options.  Option number one was to show up late and fight the crowd while option number two was to show up early, get him fed and then enjoy the game.  I opted for early and everything went well until game time when the hot seats bothered him.  We went for an extended walk, then came back, watched a few innings and then the heat took its toll again.  All said, we stayed through the fifth, but I probably got to see about two and a half innings of baseball.


Still, I like to do these little planning trips just so, in a couple of years when I actually do this, I’m ready to do it right.  The idea would be to plan two separate trips to each coast.  Trip one would take us to New England where we’d see the Yankees and the Red Sox while trip two would involve a trip to the West Coast to see a couple California teams.


It’s kind of funny that New York and Boston are less then four hours away, while if I wanted to see a team in the L.A. area then drive to the San Francisco area, it takes two hours longer and you don’t even leave the state.  Let’s start on the east coast though.  It’d be nice to see the Tigers play at the Yankees new ballpark so that would take us right after the All Star Break in mid-July.  The Sunday game is the Yankees old-timers game and that’d be fun to watch, but the big problem would be finding cheap Yankees tickets, which is no small task with their new ballpark opening up.


Of course things blow up pretty quickly because the Red Sox don’t have a home series until the following Friday so this is shaping up to be a long trip.  They play Baltimore so it shouldn’t be that hard to find Red Sox tickets for one of those games.  Still, if we got in late Saturday before the Yankees game, went to the Yankees game that Sunday, then hung around for a few days (we could see Wicked or something), then we could scoot to Boston, spend a couple of days there, then catch the Friday game at Fenway.  We could then leave that Saturday and keep things right at a week.


The West Coast trip would be just a couple of weeks before in late June when the Tigers travel to Oakland.  Getting Oakland A’s tickets should be that tough at that time of year.  Even better, the timing works out well because the Dodgers play at home the weekend before.  So we could fly into L.A., get our Los Angeles Dodgers tickets and go to the Sunday game, the motor down to Oakland to see the A’s play the Tigers.  This could be done with just a Saturday to Tuesday timeframe.


Of course when I really want to do this, the times will never line up.  Oh well, it makes for a fun exercise though.

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