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Thank you, Bobby Abreu

Bobby Abreu really did us a favor last night. The next time a Troy Glaus or Jeff Kent-level free agent comes to town, the Tigers brass will have an answer when they ask about the distant fences. “Remember Bobby Abreu? The guy who had never hit more than 31 homers in a season? He came in here and hit 41 in that home run derby on a hot July evening.” What a fantastic way to dispel the rumors that Comerica is a historically horrible place to clear the fences.

And, hey, check out this page… Comerica, it seems, is quite some distance from the toughest place to go yard. I think that, since they moved the LF fences in, it plays pretty fair. Now, are you going to have some frustrating outs when you either hit it to the wrong part of the yard or during cold weather? Yes. But on hot summer days, it plays quite differently. Is it one of the better pitchers’ parks out there? Yes, but not extremely so. No way is it a “reverse Coors”.

Good stuff, and I’ll add that I’m pretty sure it’s an okay place for homerun-hitting lefties. It seems like righties are constantly crushing balls that are caught in front of the warning track in left center (but that might be selective memory, in part) while lefties are dropping them into the bullpen or that little recess near the scoreboard in right.

Great site, by the way–I found it through Hardball Times. I enjoyed today’s comments about Tiger Stadium, and I must say that I feel exactly the same way. I got to play a game there a few years ago, and it was a big musty mess even then. Can’t imagine what it’s like now. Thanks-

Posted by Dan on July 13th, 2005 at 11:25 am

First of all, thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment, Dan… You’re probably remembering the original configuration of Comerica, before they added the temporary (now permanent) fences in LF, moved the bullpens from RF to LF and added seats where the bullpens used to be.

Now, the deepest part of the park is out in center field, but about 30-50 feet toward RF. Where home runs go to die. I watched the video on mlb.com of all of Abreu’s 41 HR, and I noticed he hit a few that made it out right in that area, most of them 10 rows back or less.

I agree with the sentiment in today’s article in the freep that, if nothing else, the ASG may have put a spotlight on Tiger Stadium and what to do with it.

Personally, I’m hoping it sits tight and slowly crumbles for another 20-25 years, at which time there will be rumblings to replace Comerica Park (for a stadium that will generate even more money, surely), and they can propose to put the new park back at the corner of Michigan & Trumbull.

Posted by jeff k on July 13th, 2005 at 12:07 pm

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