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The Great Chase

Everywhere I read, it seems like the biggest fault of the Tigers season has to do with the bullpen blowing games. And those same people say the Tigers have to target their bullpen as the top priority in the free agency market next year. Chris Ziza, an excellent writer over at the Most Valuable Network, makes this the focus of his most recent piece.

In my opinion, the bullpen is the last thing we should target. I’m in agreement with Pat Caputo, who talked on the Big Show yesterday. We have arms. There’s no doubt about that. And hopefully there’s more good ones on the way, like Kyle Sleeth.

Plus, you can find good, quality bullpen options cheaply. The last thing I want the Tigers to do is go out and spend $4-5 million on a big name closer who’ll be lucky to pitch 80 innings.

In my opinion, and again, Pat Caputo stole my thunder here, we need to focus on centerfield, and picking up a top notch starter.

Having Pedro as an ace and Gary Knotts in the pen sounds a lot better to me then having Knotts in the rotation, and even having a closer like Eric Gagne. If we get a top of the rotation starter, then that means our now sixth best pitcher would end up in the pen.

I’ve also talked on this site about how the Tigers should go after Carlos Beltran. This time last year, I would have called that an impossibility, but with Ivan Rodriguez coming to the squad, I think it at least gives us an opening. I’m not optimistic, but Beltran would be the guy to build this franchise around. In my opinion, Alex Sanchez isn’t the answer.

Finally, I don’t want you to think I’m attacking Chris. I’m not. I enjoy his writing, he was just an obvious example of someone who wants Dombrowski to focus on the pen.

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