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The Weekend From Hell

I sit here with a fever, so hopefully I’ll keep this coherent. I’m trying to get caught up on all the baseball news, so I’m hoping to be up and ready tomorrow. In the meantime, chew on this story……

This weekend we celebrated Christmas with my mom’s side of the family. The four siblings alternate with my uncle having his turn this year. He’s the only who lives out of town, and he resides in Louisville, KY.

So Friday we made the trek down a little later then we anticipated. We got caught in Cincinnati during rush hour, and it slowed us down. Once we got into Kentucky, the change of altitude really hit my wife, who has problems with her ears. She basically rode the final hour and a half with a head ache. Fortunately my six month old son was trooper and held up well.

Saturday came and went. We went on a tour of the Lousiville Slugger plant, which was very cool, and my boy got to swin in a pool for the first time. We also got to spend time with the family, most of which I don’t see too often because I live an hour or so away.

Sunday was when the proverbial shit hit the fan. I woke up feeling like crap. By mid afternoon I knew I had a fever, and had eaten as little as I could for fear of getting sick. In the meantime, the windshield wiper fluid line froze, and we weren’t able to clean the windows. On one of our stops to clean the windows, we hit a curb, and flattend our tire in Troy, OH.

At this point, it was 1:30 or so in the afternoon. It was well below zero with the wind chill, and I had a fever. So I call AAA while trying to keep everyone calm. After being on hold for close to an hour, I finally got help with the spare, and we made our was to the closest Sears Auto Centers, about ten miles up I-75.

By this time it was 3 pm, thinking we’d get a tire, and be home relatively late. But our story doesn’t end. I have a Pontiac Aztec. Very inexpensive, and a pretty ugly vehicle. One of the reasons it’s inexpensive is because they’re not very popular. Seemed nice at the time, but when we got to Sears, I found out not only did they not have the correct tire, but no Sears within 100 miles had one. We tried Walmart as well, with no luck.

So we checked into a hotel in Piqua, OH. After more unloading of the car in subzero tempatures, I finally tried to eat something, and could only swallow down half of a Quiznos sub. We walked around the local mall, and by 6 pm, I was laid up in bed sweating out my fever.

I felt only marginally better today, but got up and started searching through the yellow pages for a 17″ tire. I finally found a place about twelve miles away in Sidney, OH. By 11 pm, I had my tire on, and by noon we were on the road home, only to find it snowing.

So that’s how my weekend went. We got home safe, which is always a bonus, but it was pretty trying. So I hope you can all be patient with me as I get back up to speed.

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