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Tigers Could Go Down to the Wire, Bonderman Avoids Losing 19th Game

The Tigers are up 7-6 in the top half of eighth inning. Both teams had four run innings. The Tigers go theirs when Cody Ross, a recent September call up, hit a grand slam in the third inning. The slam was his first major league homerun.

Brandon Phillips and Ben Broussard each hit two run shots in the fourth off of Mr. Bonderman. In all, there have been six homeruns throughout the game.

Jeremy Bonderman did not last long. He gave up 3 homeruns that resulted in 6 runs in 3 2/3 innings. That’s 10 homeruns in his last four starts. The good news is, he stays away from infamy, and won’t get the loss in this one.

And the Indians have runners on first and third with one out, so this one is hardly secure.

Mike Ilitch bought the Tigers in 1992, so his first full season owning the Tiges was 1993. As we know, since 1993, the Tigers have only had one winning season, and that was in that first year. This has been publicized, and everyone seems to know it. What a lot of people don’t realize is that in those now 11 years, the Tigers have lost 109 in a season during 1996, then lost 106 last season. They’re well on their way to beating both of those marks this year.

Prior to Ilitch owning the Tigers, the worst season record wise on the books was their 1952 campaign, where they lost 104. But prior to Ilitch taking over, and mind you, this is since 1901, the Tigers had three season where they lost a hundred.

Since Ilitch took over 11 years ago, he’s already matched that record, and he’ll do with the three very worst seasons in the franchise’s history.

Now I’m going to be here writing, among other things, about what moves the Tigers make during the off season. To date, I’ve been more forgiving. But no more.

And speaking of the off season, I appreciate all of the kind words people have sent me. I do plan on writing about a variety of things. I’ll track the Tiger’s movements in the free agent market, and a more grand task I’ll be taking on is I’ll delve deep into the organization, and do a nice detailed, position by position analysis of what the Tigers have. I’m going to go as deep as I can into the minors, and really try to find out what, if anything the Tigers have. I’ll also cover the Tigerless post season.

I’m also going to get historical. Although I did it on an informal and more brief basis in a past post about John Hiller, and have been doing some research for the Baseball Hall of Fame on the 1968 Tigers, I plan on taking a look at some Tiger greats. First of which will be Harry Heilman.

Now I don’t plan on posting everyday, but I’ll probably posting a couple of times every week. So if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read, and don’t want to bother stopping by, sign up to be notified of new posts on the right under the links. I don’t use it now because I’m posting daily, but when I do post in the off season, I’ll use it more to make sure people can follow what’s happening with the Tigers.

Assuming there’s any fans left after this season.

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