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Tigers Down in Ninth, Look to Lose 112th

Talk about the train coming off the tracks. Nate Cornejo was pitching a nice game, and then things blew up on him, as Higginson gets ejected, and the Jays go onto to score four. The Tigers started the inning tied 2-2.

And now the score is 8-4. Cornejo is trying to be the lone Tiger starter to end the season with a sub-5.00 ERA. Looks like he’s going to make it.

I’m going to the game tomorrow. I called all of my friends, and nobody jumped at the offer. I have one other potential, but I very well could be going to the game by myself, which is fine with me.

The only other time I went to a game by myself has to be one of the most bizarre stories ever. It was the final season at Tiger Stadium. and my sister got four good tickets to like the fifth to last game (it was on a Sunday). I got the tickets last minute, and couldn’t find anyone to go with me, so I went down to the park by myself, looking to give away the other three.

So I’m standing by the ticket booth, trying to pick a family of three or something to sit next to, when I see a friend of mine walking towards the ticket booth. Now you’re probably wondering why I never called that friend to see if he wanted to go to the game, and the simple reason is, he lives in Columbus, Ohio. He came up with his sister in law and her husband on a whim to see a game at Tiger Stadium before it closed. Of course, I gave him my three tickets, and we all sat together.

Weird stuff.

But I do get to see Roy Halladay pitch, who’s helped my pitching staff in my roto team. If I do go, I might play scout and pick a Tiger to watch, and move around the ball park to see him play at different angles or something. Of course I’ll have my nonsensical write up of whoever the guy is up here Thursday morning.

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