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Twins beat Tigers, Again

The Twins really have had our number the last couple of years. This is the 18th time the Tigers have lost to them in the last 19 games, with last Saturday’s win the first in a while.

Johan Santana threw a great game, only giving up 2 hits through 8 innings. Craig Monroe made it look good by hitting a two run shot in the bottom of the ninth, but the Tigers couldn’t finish the comeback and lost 3-2. The Tigers finally got a pitcher to throw past 6, as they worked Mike Maroth for 8 innings, and 118 pitches. It actually wasn’t a bad game for him once her got past the fourth inning.

I’m still questing Tram’s sanity by batting Petrick and Inge in the top spots. If you take the sum of the OBP of these two guys, you get .488, which is less then what Barry Bonds has by himself. On top of that, Inge got picked off of second somehow (I missed the beginning of the game).

I like Brandon Inge, but I really question whether he’s big league material. I got a chuckle out of the announcers saying how he dramatically improved when he was down in AAA, where he hit .275. If you send a player who’s in his third big league season, he should be able to tear AAA up if he’s a bona fide MLB player. I guess anything over .250 for Brandon would be considered an improvement though, so technically, the announcers weren’t lying.

And the less Ben Petrick plays catcher (and the more he plays CF), the less I feel we got something out of the Bernero trade. I still think Eric Munson would best help the team if he got back behind the plate.

Mike Maroth also lost his 16th today, and I think both he and Bonderman are going to end up losing 20. Contrary to what I’ve heard some people saying about it ruining their careers, I’m not buying it. If their psyche’s are that fragile, then they’re probably not big league material. If they lose their 20, and then come back next year knowing it’s a new year and pitch like they know they can, then they could have the mental makeup that a ML pitcher needs.

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