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What Do Curt Schilling and I Have In Common?

Curt Schilling is very bright guy. And no, that’s not what I was alluding to as what we both have in common. But, in this article, I’m going to say some things that sound like, and are, bragging. But bear with me, because it’s all used to make a point in a round about way.

I graduated with my MBA when I was 23 years old. Not rare, but definitely uncommon. I’ve taken advanced economics classes, advanced accounting classes, and calculus in college, and did well in them all. I passed the CPA at the age of 24. All pretty nice feats.

None of these things are as difficult as one of the things I’ve been undertaking for the last three years. I’m a pretty big war game fan. I have a nice collection of old, out of print, very detailed war games all produced by the game company Avalon Hill, which has it’s license being used, but really no longer exists. If you’ve played the board game Risk, that’s like the pre-school of war games. Axis and Allies would be the elementary school. One game stands above all, and that’s the game I’ve been trying to teach myself for the last three years.

That game is called Advanced Squad Leader. The rule book is huge. And in trying to learn this game, I can honestly say that it’s more difficult then anything I ever did back in school. Calculus is cake compared to this stuff. Accounting was a walk in the park. But trying to teach myself the complexities of this game have been, well, hard.

Now what does Curt Schilling have to do with this? Curt has not only mastered this game, and is a spokesman for them, but he also does historical research for them. He knows how to play the game.

So when I read this by Jayson Stark, I chuckled. I know what Curt is capable of. And that’s possibly a contract that could go down as one of the most masterful, yet controversial, ever. I really hope this holds up, because it’s a masterpiece.

And Curt, if you’re reading this, maybe the next time you’re in Detroit, you can show me how to play this game right.

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