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What Happened to the Baseball Card Industry

I was in Walmart today, getting some water for my wife. As a collector, I always make a point to check out what’s for sale in the baseball card aisle just to see what’s selling these days.

And to take a step back, I remember going to a store, and you’d have Topps cards. Not Topps Stadium Club, or Opening Day, just Topps. If you were truly daring, you might pick up a pack of Donruss (the puzzle pieces were cool) or Fleer. But your choices were pretty slim, which in my mind, was a good thing.

Today’s purchase was a pack of Topps Heritage, which I came to find out are current day players put onto the style of cards that were produced by Topps in 1954. With me being the nostalgic type, I figured this was right up my alley. So I bought the pack of 8 cards for $3 (I remember when you got 15 cards for 35 cents).

Well, I got in the car, opened the pack, and immediately got pissed. Bunched between and Ugueth Urbina (who I don’t even like) card and a Jason Stokes card were six, yes six Cesar Izturis cards. Now when I buy a pack of cards, especially one of only 8 cards, I expect a little variety.

So, I went to the Topps website to complain, and ran into a message on their FAQ page saying they’re not capable of accepting complaints via email yet (however, they can operate an e-baseball card website just fine). So I’m stuck (no offense Cesar) with 6 Izturis cards.

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