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Winter Meetings and Settlers of Catan

No news is bad news. At this time, I haven’t heard anything with regard to the Tigers. No trades, and no signings, with a lot of players signing with other teams. I guess it’s better then making bad trades and bad signings, but it makes for a frustrating time. If Troy Percival is the best they can do, then I’m not too optimistic for next season.

And if you want a great look at what happens at the Winter Meetings, the guys over at All Baseball are actually there and writing reports. It’s great stuff, and I highly recommend you check out the write-ups at the Cubs Reporter, Rich’s Weekend Baseball Beat, Mariner Musings, and Dodger Thoughts. It’s all great stuff. In fact, I’m pretty jealous I’m not there as well.

I also bucked up and paid for premium access to Baseball Prospectus. I wanted access to some stories by Neil deMause for my Hardball Times piece, but I’ve found the other content to be well worth the price. Their book is also an annual buy of mine.

And if you haven’t gotten it yet, I highly recommend the 2004 Hardball Times Annual. It’s well worth the price, and it’s a great resource. And I bought it before I started writing for them, so I can say that objectively.

My son was teething, so it made for a rough weekend. I did get a chance to play Settlers of Catan again this weekend against some family members, and the game is really growing on me. I also finished in first place in my fantasy football league, so I’ll go into the playoffs as the number one seed with an 11-3 record.

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