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Kenny Rogers Doesn’t Pitch Well Against Indians Tonight

Understatement of the century.  Kenny Rogers gave up seven runs in 2/3 of inning tonight.  Oddly, he and Roman Colon combined to strikeout the side.  Brandon Inge hit a two run shot to answer for the big first inning by the Indians, but the Tribe added a run and it’s now 8-3.

Just for Dan, the Tigers put on the hit and run in the first inning, and it worked.  Curtis Granderson was going and beat out the toss on Placido Polanco’s ground out.  Of course, neither Ivan Rodriguez nor Magglio Ordonez could bring him, so it really didn’t matter in the end.

This is going to be another long game.  It’s 8:30, and we’re only in the third inning.  White Sox lead the Twins 1-0 in the first.


Just like that, the Tigers are back in the game.  The Tigers scored four in the fourth to make it 8-7.  Dmitri Young homered in his second straight game for one of the runs.  Wil Ledezma is running into trouble in the fifth though.  This one definitely isn’t over yet though.


It’s now 12-7 in the eighth.  And the White Sox are coming back against the Twins.  It’s now 4-3 in Chicago, with the Twins leading.

We need some middle relief help. Colon, ledezma, grilli are terrible. This is a game in which we had a legit chance to come back and win, but our bullpen, especially grilli, Blew it! I have to hope Dombrowski Knows this. Maybe we can get “Average Joe” Borrowski from the marlins. GEt some middle relief help and go get Soriano for god’s sake! Lets do this! Sanchez and other prospects have no value to us at this point. They are only prospects! one of the main reasons you draft top prospects is to trade them if you are in the hunt. this is a magic year and we should go for it this year! onward and upward!

Posted by Michael on July 25th, 2006 at 6:17 pm

In a way, rather than do something like throw away a top prospect for a middle reliever, why not see what Sanchez could do in a relief role. You’re right about Grilli/ Ledezma/ Colon, they’re essentially mopup pitchers. It’s to bad at least one of them couldn’t be a reliable long man. They may need to solve that, but a replaceable commodity like a 4th arm in the bullpen definitely doesn’t warrant a top prospect.

Posted by KS on July 25th, 2006 at 7:02 pm


what I dont understand is why they havent recalled Tata from AAA. Grilli stayed and Tata was sent down. When He was upat the start of the year he was sharp. I understand that they sent him down so he can pitch alot. But I dont know why he hasnt been recalled. Grilli has been completely awful all year. Ledeza and colon have had a few flashes of decency but in all they have been bad as well. we need to keep winning. our pitching is starting to show some signs of coming back to earth in a hurry. I agree we should use what we have in AAA. I say bring tata up and send one of the horrible 3 down. I don’t think Sanchez will be a tiger this time next week. Dombrowski will make a trade.

Posted by Michael on July 25th, 2006 at 7:17 pm

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