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Sweet Lou

Growing up, Tigers second baseman Lou Whitaker was my favorite player.  I thought it was cool how he was a right handed fielder yet hit left handed and he was as smooth as anyone out in the field.

In a flashback column, Mitch Albom goes back to August 5, 1985 to look at what he wrote about Whitaker in the season following the Tigers historic 1984 season.  Also, this was Albom before he stretched himself out with books and television and everything else and in my opinion, he was definitely on top of his game.

And in another flashback, here’s a piece I wrote over three years ago about how I think Whitaker got the shaft by the Hall of Fame voters.  When Robbie Alomar gets voted in, we’ll be having a similar discussion.

Lou Whitaker was my favorite player, too, back when I was a kid. I liked his quiet demeanor – most of my friends liked Trammell or Morris or Parrish for getting in the spotlight. Larry Herndon was another favorite of mine.

I completely agree about the HoF missing the boat with Lou. Some argue that Ryne had a better peak but productive longevity should mean something at the HoF level.

Posted by Andrew on February 19th, 2008 at 9:02 am

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