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Ten Days, Ten Questions and a Way To Help Out Your Favorite Tiger Website

Alright, I’ve been throwing around ideas in my head regarding this for a while and I think I’m going to finally pull the trigger.  Beginning next Monday, May 21, I’m going to start a ten day Tiger triva challenge.  Basically how it’s going to work is, I’ll be posting a question at the top of an hour at some point between noon and ten pm of that given day.  You then have one hour to send an email (I’ll provide the address) with the answer to the question as well as a mention of your favorite Tiger site (excluding mine, although we all know there’s better one’s out there).  This will go on through Friday, then we’ll skip the weekend and start back up the following business week and that’ll make up the ten days.  Whoever answers the most questions wins the prize, and if there’s a tie, then we’ll have a sudden death playoff the following week.

I kept flipping on prize ideas and I was set on adding to the winners baseball library, but then I figured that everyone’s reading habits aren’t the same as mine so I got to thinking what everyone would want.  I came to the conclusion that cash would be the best prize so first place not only gets bragging rights, but they also walk away with $50.

Rule number one (and bear with me ) is if you’re a Tiger blogger, you’re not allowed to take part in the contest.  Now that may seem a bit cruel, but bear with me because you have a role in this as well.  I know this will be impossible to enforce, but I’m hoping all of the Tiger bloggers to the honor system because they can win some cash too.  Basically, the favorite Tiger site of the winner also walks away with $50 so there’s something in it for all of the Tiger bloggers out there.  Plus you get bragging rights because you can say you have the most knowledgeable fans. 

That’s it in a nutshell. If you have any questions, send me an email or post a comment because we have a week to hash things out.  Also, this is a precursor to something I have planned this offseason so hopefully it works out.

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