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Tigers Drop Game One in Blow Out Loss to Yankees

The Tigers got doubled up last night and it wasn’t pretty.  The Yankees did most of their damage in a five run third inning that made it 5-0 and while the Tigers made it close at one point (5-3), they never fully recovered.

I’m not sure what Leyland was trying to do in the second inning when he tried a hit and run with Ordonez on second and Guillen on first with nobody out.  Yeah, Pudge is a .300 hitter but when neither team has scored, you’d think Leyland would play the percentages and try for an early lead by standing pat.  Instead, Ordonez gets gunned down at third and the Tigers get nothing out of the inning.  Placido Polanco’s double play in the third also cost them a potential run.  Now I’m not saying the Tigers win if they convert in either or both of those innings, but things might have played out differently had the Tigers taken an early lead.

Derek Jeter and Bobby Abreu chewed us up.  Abreu drove in four runs and Jeter had five hits and he scored three times.  If those two guys are clicking in the two and three spot in the lineup, this is going to be a very tough team to beat.  Then again, we all knew that anyway.

Game two is tonight and it’ll be Justin Verlander going up against Mike Mussina.  This is pretty much a must win game tonight so hopefully the Tigers can get the job done.

The good and bad to this. We had our chances several times we led off an inning with a double ( Mags and Thames) only to leave those baserunners stranded. Not sure I agree with Leylands hit and run decision with Pudge at the plate and Mags on second and Guillen on first with no outs. Should have bunted the boys up and took our chances that way. We had them on the ropes there and then let them off the hook. Pudge needs to layoff the outside corner pitches and the high hard ones. I know the outside corner he often slaps an opposite feild base hit but lately he’s swingin at pitches way off the outside of the plate. He’s tryin too hard, needs to settle down and play within himself. I look for a big game from him tonight. Polonco our best hitter grounded into 2 double plays, one early in the game with runners on first and third. We convert on the 2 above chances and maybe this game is different. If we can’t suddenly pitch to save our arse we need to hit as much as we can. Pitching is there weakness in the starters and middle relief and Riveria may not be able to go in back to back save situations. Plus we couldn’t get Derek jeter out to save our life. He’s there sprak plug, say what you will about Damon but jeter is the man. Can’t we keep him off base at least a couple times a game.

I hope they took away from this game that we can hit and get on base and these yankess are not god. But I also hope we realize we must work harder, we must demand the best from each and every player. Our pitching has to improve, NOW, especially when we are talking about their lineup card, there are no holes, they can all do damage .

It isn’t just enough to get into the playoffs you want to win as well!

I agree we have to win this game. Todd Jones said it best with this game is our season. I feel good with Verlander on the mound. He’s had the extra rest and this kid knows how to pitch. he can land the second and third pitches which is half the battle with a rookie. His heater is awesome. He has the mentailty to win this game and bring us home tied.

I want these guys to win but at the same time they are learning the post season ropes. Usually a team needs to experience a heart breaking lose in order to take the next step to greatness and winning a championship. I think the boys are learning just that, but at the same time I wish for them to win so badly!

Posted by Sheri on October 4th, 2006 at 10:09 am

Last night they were talking about how Guillen may need to change positions because of age and losing some range and 28 errors at SS. A thought popped into my head. Switch Guillen to first and trade for Tejda. Sign Soriano to play leftfield, give Thames a shot at DH or move Monroe to rightfield and Magglio DH, and our lineup has some serious pop and character.

Watching Jeter, Abrue and company made me think about this last night. ( sorry my spelling stinks, so look beyond it.LOL).

We need those extra few elements to go all the way. We are close but playing a team like the Yankees makes you put it into perspective. I still think our pitching is better then New Yorks but their lineup and post season experience. This truely is a bright light lesson for our team. But I expect them to fight like they have and be in every inning. Win or lose I love em, and how many of us expected this so soon? We are close!

Posted by Sheri on October 4th, 2006 at 10:19 am

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